Preventing Electrical Accidents

Tens of thousands of house fires happen every year in the United States, putting homes and families at risk of serious injury, significant losses, and even death. An electrical fire can rapidly escalate out of control in only a few seconds, and because the wires impacted might be inside the walls, it can initially go undetected. How can you practice electrical safety at your home?

Promote Electrical Safety by Childproofing Your Outlets

When you have toddlers and babies, it’s critical to prioritize electrical safety. Use tamper-resistant covers or outlet plugs to make sure that your child cannot place their fingers or anything else in the outlets.

If you have trouble with your kids pulling cords out of the sockets often, add plug covers or place tables or other furniture in front of the cords so that they are harder to access.

Know the Signs of an Overloaded Electrical System

Using electricity responsibly is a key part of electrical safety. Do you have too many things plugged in and running at once? Are you trying to power appliances that use a lot of energy from the same handful of outlets? Make sure that you know how to identify some of the signs of an overloaded electrical system, including:

  • Discoloration or staining on switch plates
  • Wall plates that are warm to the touch
  • A burning smell or other odors near outlets or switches
  • Frequently blown fuses or tripped circuits
  • Lights that are flickering and dimming without correlation to a major appliance, like the air conditioning unit, turning on
  • Sizzling or buzzing sounds coming from switches or outlets

If you are concerned that your system can’t support the electronics and appliances you regularly use, hire an electrician to visit your property.

Rely on Professionals for Electrical Work

Electrical work is hazardous, and you should only trust professionals to maintain electrical safety. Electricians know how to perform electrical work safely and efficiently. Whether you want a new outlet installed or upgrade an existing outlet to a GFCI outlet, working with an electrician is the best way to keep your family and house safe.

Have Your Home Inspected for Electrical Safety

Many electrical issues go undetected until an accident or fire occurs. A home inspection can help pinpoint potential problems with your electrical wiring, fuse box, and more. If you have any specific concerns, you can also address those with your home inspector. At the end of your inspection, you will get a detailed report with a list of repairs for you to review.

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