You and your family chose to have your home built from scratch instead of purchasing an existing property. That means that it will be built perfectly and free from issues, right? Wrong. A new construction inspection is just as critical as an inspection on an older home, as there can still be problems with a new house. Why should your family work with a home inspector at your new home?

New Does Not Mean the Home is Without Flaws

Even though you chose your builder carefully, accidents and mistakes can still happen over the course of your home’s construction. Many homeowners think about home inspections as tools to help identify problems with old houses, like outdated wiring or inadequate plumbing. However, you can still have issues with critical systems like wiring and plumbing in a new space.

Contractors often work quickly to finish homes, which means that projects and installations are rushed to meet deadlines. Most construction companies also subcontract many parts of the build, like electrical work, plumbing, and drywall installation, to name a few. A home inspector will identify problems so that your builder can correct them before you move in.

What Are the Most Common Issues Found During a New Construction Inspection?

Anything from inadequate ventilation to poor grading might be uncovered during a professional new construction inspection. Some of the most commonly found issues include:

  • Poor grading or insufficient drainage
  • Cracks in concrete from shrinkage
  • Gaps in wood flooring
  • Incomplete or uninstalled fixtures
  • Improper appliance installation
  • Defective or poorly installed roofing
  • Electrical issues like missing switch plates or reversed polarity
  • Doors hung wrong
  • Window gaps or leaks
  • Poor attic ventilation or bathroom and kitchen ventilation

Your inspector will inform you of any issues that they find during your new construction inspection so that you can take action. This way, your builder is responsible for making the repairs before you and your family move into the home.

Can You Have More Than One Inspection?

Yes, many families purchasing new construction homes choose to have at least one inspection before moving in. One inspection before drywall has been installed in the home will give your inspector a close look at all plumbing, framing, and electrical work. This will help identify issues that are much more challenging to find once walls are finished and systems are no longer visible.

Most often a new construction inspection occurs once the builder has completed the majority of construction and before your final walk-through. Timing it right gives you leverage to have things fixed before you take possession of the property.

Remember that the city officials who review the home complete a cursory inspection to ensure that the bare minimum of code requirements are satisfied. A new construction inspection is a full review of the systems and components of the home, from the foundation to the roof.

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