Painting your walls is a quick and easy way to upgrade your room on a budget. This is a great project to tackle by yourself over a weekend. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience painting, there are tricks professional painters use to apply the paint evenly and quickly. To help you paint like a pro, here are tips to use while updating your walls.

How to Paint Your Walls Like a Pro

1. Check the Weather

Before you begin painting, check the weather. Painting during dry conditions is best because it helps paint dry faster. It takes longer for the paint to dry if it is raining or humid. Moisture in the air also makes the paint more likely to drip because it won’t adhere to the surface as effectively.

2. Inspect the Wall Before Painting

Professional painters inspect the area for defects before they start to paint. Look for holes or cracks and make repairs with spackle and a putty knife. Sand the patched areas smooth before you apply paint.

3. Use High-Quality Tools to Paint Like a Pro

The tools you use affect the quality of your work. Cheap paintbrushes shed bristles and distribute the color unevenly, making the surface streaked and messy. High-quality rollers and brushes effortlessly apply paint to the wall while minimizing drips and streaks.

4. Choose the Right Paint

In addition to high-quality brushes and rollers, the paint you choose is important. Low-quality paints are often thinner and more difficult to apply. The color isn’t always uniform, and the paint is less durable in the long term. Choosing a good quality paint is more economical.

5. Prepare the Room

Before you apply a coat of primer, prepare the room. Remove rugs or furniture. If there are large pieces you cannot move, cover these in plastic. Use painter’s tape to mask wall trim and window sills that you don’t want to paint.

6. It’s Not Necessary to Tape Windows

When masking the room, don’t waste time taping window panes. Professional painters usually opt to scrape paint drips off the glass after the paint dries, saving time.

7. Box the Paint

Different cans of paint may have a slightly different tone to them. If you use more than one can of paint, mix them in a larger container, referred to as “boxing,” to get a consistent and smooth color.

8. Work from Top to Bottom to Paint Like a Pro

When you begin, paint from the top to the bottom of the wall. This helps you paint smoothly with fewer drips.

9. Finish One Wall Before Starting Another

Although you may want to cut in all edges and corners before rolling, professional painters prefer to finish an entire wall before starting on the next. They complete the wall before the corners dry.

10. Boost Ventilation to Paint Like a Pro

Keep the room adequately ventilated while you are painting. Good airflow is essential for the drying process and helps dry the paint evenly.

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